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Full steam carpet cleaning – the process.

Innovative and proven carpet cleaning technique

Rather than using a soap based cleaning method, we employ a combination of extra hot water and an emulsifier. The high temperature of the water means that bacteria and other debris is completely broken down at the very root of the fibres and powerful vacuums are then used to completely remove the remaining particles. Another advantage of the ultra heated water is that the process uses less water and so any potential water damage to your carpet is removed. What’s more, it will dry quicker too

As well as home carpet cleaning, Full Steam also offers commercial and business carpet cleaning as well as specialist rug cleaning. The average carpet or rug is typically filled with pollen, allergens, and other pollutants that have been carried in from outside on the bottom of people’s feet. Regular vacuuming and biannual carpet cleaning are recommended in order to ensure that your carpet is as contaminant free as possible. By using Full Steam carpet cleaning service you can help ensure that your carpets don’t suffer undue wear or damage because of the regular cleaning process required.