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Carpet Cleaning.

Full Steam offers residential, commercial and business Carpet, Upholstery, Furniture and Tile & Grout cleaning. Cleaning with a soap based carpet cleaner leaves a soapy residue once the job is finished. Nothing is done to remove this film and rather than being good for your carpet it will attract dust and dirt to collect in the fibres of your carpet, area rug, furniture, etc. Full Steam uses the motto: NO SOAP NO RESIDUE.Extra hot water and an emulsifier with a Truck mounted steam cleaning unit is more efficient and more effective.

Very few companies offer the same high quality of cleaning as our innovative and proven technique. Your carpets will look good and smell clean and continue to look good longer when compared to lesser quality home and business carpet cleaning service. Regular vacuuming and biannual carpet cleaning are recommended in order to ensure that your carpet is a contaminant free as possible. By using Full Steam you can help ensure that your carpets don’t suffer undue wear or damage because of the regular cleaning process required.